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Couples Massage
Couples Massage in Vadodara may include soothing music, aromatherapy, candle lighting, and other relaxing amenities

Couples Massage in Vadodara

A Couples Massage in Vadodara is generally offered in a private room on side-by-side massage tables with two therapists who work on each individual at the same time. When booked in a full-service spa a couple’s massage will typically include access to showers, hot tubs, lounging areas, and other spa amenities. Many couple’s massage treatments may offer special amenities such as champagne, chocolates, and fruit. Usually, there is an initial consultation with the massage therapist prior to any treatments to review your session goals and answer any questions you may have. At that point, the therapist will leave the room for a short time while you and your massage partner disrobe and lie down on the massage tables, with sheets covering you.