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Waxing it’s a great way to remove unwanted body hair, and keep your skin looking smooth and attractive

Waxing Services in Vadodara

Body waxing can save you the time and headache of having to shave everyday in the bathtub or shower. Waxing Services in Vadodara use gentle processes that eliminate those unsightly red bumps shaving can create. Best of all, you’re ready with routine body waxing from Adelia Spa & Massage – a service that can last two to four weeks!

Important Notes about Facial Waxing:

Don’t undergo facial hair waxing if you’re taking Accutane. Read the facial wax package label to ensure you’re not allergic to any of its ingredients Facial wax, such as those used by Adelia Spa & Massage, should be free of artificial colors and fragrances. What to Expect from Your Technician During a Waxing Services in Vadodara. A consultation, so your technician is aware of any health or allergy issues you have before your body-waxing session. A paper barrier, which is more hygienic for you to lie down on during treatment than sheets. Glove-wearing, for your and the technician’s protection. No double-dipping of the applicator into the product after it has touched your skin; the wax is not hot enough to kill bacteria.Cleaned and sanitized equipment, within a clean and tidy salon and spa.